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At Aussins Overseas, based in Singapore, we specialize in the dynamic world of metal trading. From sought-after aluminium to essential copper and everything in between, our expertise spans a diverse array of metal scraps, including Lead, Zinc, Stainless Steel, and more. With a global footprint, we pride ourselves on sourcing and supplying top-quality materials from every corner of the globe. Our network of associates extends far and wide, ensuring not just seamless trades, but also meticulous attention to loading and shipping processes.


For us, it's not just about the transactions; it's about fostering enduring partnerships and delivering excellence at every step. Whether it's securing the finest ingots or managing the logistics of heavy transformers, Aussins Overseas is your trusted partner in the world of metal trading.


As a second-generation, family-owned operation, we've served international and domestic markets with pride for over two decades.


Boasting a network of 100+ suppliers spanning 20 countries, along with long-term agents in key markets like China, Korea, India, Taiwan, and Europe, we offer flexible pricing and payment options.


With comprehensive in-house capabilities encompassing Logistics, Traffic, Documentation, and Freight, we ensure seamless transactions.


Proud members of several international scrap organizations, we prioritize delivering the highest quality service and value to our clients and suppliers.

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