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Aussins Overseas is among the fastest growing dealers of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal Scrap Globally

Founded in 2018, Aussins Overseas Pte Ltd specializes in global trading of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals. With genuine partnerships established across India, Singapore, and beyond, we've undertaken remarkable projects worldwide. Our organization continually adapts to global shifts in politics, economics, and technology, driven by our unwavering vision and goal-oriented approach.

Rooted in a legacy dating back to 1993, our promoters hail from India, where their entrepreneurial journey began. Aussins Overseas handles all grades of scrap, adhering to ISRI specifications for Non-Ferrous, Ferrous Metals, and Electronics.


As a second-generation, family-owned operation, we've served international and domestic markets with pride for over two decades.


Boasting a network of 100+ suppliers spanning 20 countries, along with long-term agents in key markets like China, Korea, India, Taiwan, and Europe, we offer flexible pricing and payment options.


With comprehensive in-house capabilities encompassing Logistics, Traffic, Documentation, and Freight, we ensure seamless transactions.


Proud members of several international scrap organizations, we prioritize delivering the highest quality service and value to our clients and suppliers.

At Aussins Overseas, we foster enduring industry relationships built on integrity and accountability. Our commitment to consistent global delivery, reliable marketing, and financing underscores our dedication to excellence.

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